Monday, December 29, 2008

States of tv/movie like

States of tv/movie like (from least to most)

-Hate- you find it to be obnoxious. In fact it irritates you to think about it or to hear others discuss it. You be happy if the show or the movie would disappear forever. When you meet others who admit to watching this monstrosity you think less of them for it.

-Dislike- You don't like the show but it really does not torment you. You would be perfectly happy if you never saw it again but you do not think less of people who watch it.

-Disgust- This is a category for the shows that intellectually disgust you and that you know are absolutely horrible, but if you catch them on you will sit down and watch. Train wrecks. You can feel you IQ dropping, but you watch anyway.

-Dirty Little Secret- This is the show you actually sort of like, but you keep it hidden from others because you are worried they will judge you as you would judge others who watch this show if you weren't too busy watching it.

-Ambivalent- The show you don't care about one way or another. If you catch it on a night in which you have nothing else to do you will watch it, but all in all you would never seek out the program. It isn't an embarrassment to you, you just don't care about it at all.

-Like- You enjoy the show. It is not one you have to keep secret, but it also doesn't make your favorite tv show list. Basically you watch it because it is on and it holds your interest. If it were to go off it wouldn't really have am impact on you.

-Infatuation- You absolutely love this show for a short period of time. Perhaps they have an arc you like or something else that really grabs your attention for a few episodes, but in the end it holds up to the infatuation title. It just cannot live up to the expectations you have set for it. You start seeing each other less and less until you only think back fondly of it in passing.

-Dedication- These are the shows you are dedicated to. The shows you make a point to watch each week and actually try to keep up with what is going on in their story lines. It would make you sad if the show went off, but in time another show would come to take its place.

-Addiction- This is by far a more rare category. These shows simply take over your life. You want to know everything there is to know about the show. You seek out information when you are not watching the show. You have trouble maintaining conversations without bringing in up in subtle or not so subtle ways. Everything begins and ends here. It completes you. Love these shows while you can because if history teaches us anything it is that nothing lasts forever.


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