Monday, December 15, 2008

Just wait until you see the bats

The Burger King mascot, the Burger King, is frightening. Period. He is the sort of tv personality that haunts the dreams of children and adults alike. He is like something out of the most terrifying horror movie ever made. Imagine an over head voice "He watches you sleep, finds you in stores, is outside of your window, he is… the Burger King. He clogs your arteries and fries you in grease. He has it... his way." Cue evil music.
Of course my entire life I have been frightened of people who hide behind masks. I like to think back to what can affectionately be referred to as the "Tasmanian Devil incident". Picture this cute little toddler version of me being pushed in a stroller by mom and dad at a theme park, when this hideous beast dressed up as a WB character comes up and starts harassing me (by this I mean offering me a flower). I did what any normal well adjusted child would do I immediately became hysterical at the offer of gifts from this hairy stranger.
Don't even get me started on clowns…

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Jess said...

aaaaaaaaahahaha C, don't let the Burger King man get you!

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