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Liz's Fantasy Books

The suggested reading order for books in the Abyss World is as follows:

  1. Secrets (The Guardian Trilogy)
  2. Choices (The Guardian Trilogy)
  3. Consequences (The Guardian Trilogy)
  4. Easy Bake Coven (Easy Bake Coven series)
  5. Be Light (The Guardian Trilogy - Olivia and Holden)
  6. Good Tidings (The Guardian Trilogy - Baker)
  7. Snow and Mistletoe (The Guardian Trilogy - Quintus)
  8. Hungry, Hungry Hoodoo (Easy Bake Coven series)
  9. Pickup Styx (Easy Bake Coven series)
  10. Ember (The Jinn Trilogy)
  11. Tiddly Jinx (Easy Bake Coven series)
  12. Ghosts in the Graveyard (Easy Bake Coven short story - Katrina)
  13. Inferno (The Jinn Trilogy)
  14. Vestige (The Jinn Trilogy)
  15. Ollie, Ollie Hex 'n Free (Easy Bake Coven Short Story)
  16. Catatonic (The Sekhmet Bounty Series short story)
  17. Knead to Know (Book 1The Knead to Know Series)
  18. Frost's Bite (Easy Bake Coven Short Story)
  19. Catastrophe (The Sekhmet Bounty Series)
  20. If The Broom Fits (Easy Bake Coven series book 6)
  21. Fairytale Ambrosia (Book 2 The Knead to Know Series)
  22. Psyche Souffle (Book 3 The Knead to Know Series)
  23. Catacombs (Femi series book 2)
  24. Ghost Snaps (Knead to Know series book 4
  25. Stark Raven Mad (Easy Bake Coven series book 7 Coming Soon 2016)
  26. Catapult (Femi series book 3 Coming Soon 2016)
  27. Moonlight Madness (Easy Bake Coven series book 8 Coming 2016)

Other books:
Sweet Little Lies (Femi short story take place before all the rest)
Without a Map (The Jinn/Guardian Trilogy - Charlie and Baker short story take place in the more distant future)


Liz's Mysteries

Ella Reynolds Series
Dark Corners
Dark Passing
Dark Obsession

Stand alone mystery
The Ninth Floor

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