Friday, December 12, 2008

What the Deuce David Cook.

Hello all of you in blog universe, I come in peace.

A year or two ago I started a myspace page because I was told it was all the rage amongst my peers. If was fine, but I never really got it. I used it mostly to follow music I liked. Then last year was the very first year I had ever watched American Idol (I know, I know cheesy craptastic show, curses writer's strike but I totally supported you). I was more surprised than anyone that I actually got into it. This was in no small part to Jason Castro for his Jack Johnson like music. But there was another contestant, one David Cook. Now Cookie was never my number one pick until the top three, because I was loyal to Castro.
Honestly Cookie mostly had my attention due to the fact he was from Missouri (I like to support all those from Missouri), his music was fine, but not entirely my thing. Anyway back to my point I became friends with him and Castro on their official Myspace Music pages. After I was his friend there was a bulletin send from him inviting all of us to be his facebook friend as well. So I became his friend, yay facebook. I never actually looked at his page or paid much attention. I would see the updates or pictures come through the News Feed daily, they were sort of cool, but again for the most part I ignored them. Until now. They are gone. David Cook has disappeared from Facebook. Not a word of explanation all of a sudden his whole page has gone missing like Waldo in a stripped sweater convention.

While I was never an active participant, I think I grew accustomed to his face. Fare the well Cookie. Fare the well. ;-)

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