Friday, January 27, 2012

#GetLoaded Final Stop and #Giveaway

Welcome to #GetLoaded.  This is the final stop on the tour.  You should have come here from Sherry Roberts’ blog.  Be sure to check the IBC blog in case you missed any stops and to gather today's Scavenger Hunt Clues.

Now that that’s out of the way it’s time to get locked and loaded

What is this madness? What does it mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. It means you can get lots of free ebooks, enter to win *amazing* prize packs and an AWESOME grand prize.
As you are prowling the savannah of the internet hunting up clues, you may stumble upon Neiko’s Five Land Adventure, grab it quick but don’t get lost in this amazing fantasy just yet there’s a lot more to come. Your journey doesn’t have to start Anew when the Archer brothers are available to help you along the way.  But the streets may be calling to you with A Hustler’s Promise. Or perhaps you are looking for a Book ofMercy with quirky and fun characters to share your day.

Here you will discover Secrets of the paranormal and life-altering kind. Olivia Martin was just a normal girl with a normal life. She had her family and her best friend, Juliet, and a promising career. Everything was perfect until she met a man. A man she couldn’t figure out or explain why she felt connected to him. Piece by piece her life falls apart as she is gets closer to a world she would have never believed existed. Secrets is a book about love, heart break, friendships, and the truth we keep hidden from the world—and sometimes even ourselves.

To get a copy of Secrets all you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email address.

But wait, there’s more!

In the book Olivia and her best friend, Juliet, stay in for a girls’ movie night and what 80’s classics. Dreams also play a prevalent role in Olivia’s life. Therefore, I bring you,

The Secrets Girls Night In gift basket.

*Breakfast Club dvd
*Say Anything dvd
*A dream journal
*Signed copy of Secrets
*Assorted Lindt Truffles
*Ghirardelli Dark chocolate and sea-salted caramel
*Kettle Corn
*Secrets/Dark Corners bookmark

To win this gift basket leave a comment (with your name and email address) on my wonderful and delightful sponsor’s blog, E-Readingon the Cheap. After you leave your comment (with email address!!) head over to the IBC blog and follow their clues for your very own adventure and chance to win a KINDLE!

For those of you who already have a Kindle, my first book, Dark Corners, is available for today only for free on Amazon

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Choices and more


I have lots of news today. I have been extra busy and you will reap the benefits.

First, Book 2 of the Guardian Trilogy is well on its way to publication. Soon, my friends, soon.

Hearts break. Loved ones are lost. Life keeps moving.

Olivia Martin’s afterlife was more dangerous and confusing than her life ever was. She thought she was ready to come back, to forget about Holden and to let go of the rage consuming her. Fulfilling her destiny as a guardian was all that mattered—the past could stay hidden in the crevices of her mind. However, when guardians are murdered and the evidence points towards jinn, she has to do something. To save anyone’s future, Olivia will have to confront the one person from her past she is terrified to see.

Holden waited for Olivia with the hope he would see her one more time. But when she didn’t return, he found salvation in darkness. The black and twisted road made it easier to forget what he lost than to live with the memory of what he had. An unexpected promotion shoves him into a world of intoxicating power and influence. Holden will have to choose between his new life and the woman he thought was gone forever.

From the ashes of Secrets, Choices are born that will change everything.

Second, I am also working on a short story that will be released in February or March in a paranormal romance anthology called Cupid Painted Blind. Get ready for some paranormal hotties.

My story is Sweet Little Lies.
Children are disappearing from the Abyss and vampires are being blamed. Femi, a bounty hunter, is approached by an alluring vampire named Thomas who wants to hire her to find Abby, a missing child. Everyone knows vampires lie, manipulate, and want only one thing from non-vampires, but Femi cannot walk away from this case. Between her desire to find the missing children and his magnetic pull, she will solve the case or die trying. 

Check out other contributing authors story synopses: Stephanie Nelson and Olivia Hardin

Third, the final piece of news is a big one! I am participating in the #GetLoaded Blog Tour de Force this week. What does that mean to you? Only that you can get 5 free e-books by just commenting on the hosting blog of the day. 

Follow the tour from the Indie Book Collective  and even enter for a chance to win a #Kindle!!

On Friday commenting here will get you a free copy of Secrets, Book One Guardian Trilogy and for my Kindle using friends Dark Corners will also be free! 

Plus, I will be giving away an extra special Girls Night In prize pack!!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Magical Monday

There was a time when people believed certain stones held certain powers for protection, luck, or health. They thought these stones could help harness the power of the universe and focus it onto a particular task. This notion has always intrigued me. Maybe it is the nerdy 8 year old inside of me who loved her rock tumbler she got for her birthday and perused the pretty polished rocks in stores, but I like the idea that a particular person may be attracted to a particular stone.

During my research for Easy Bake Coven, I looked into the meanings/benefits of many different stones. Today I want to share with you the qualities behind our birthstones.

January- Garnet- The protection gem for travelers and is a symbol of love and desire.
February- Amethyst- Protection against intoxication and a stabilizing force to overcome addictive behaviors.
March- Aquamarine- Protection against dangers at sea and reverse poisonings. Also was once believe that when immersed in water, the water would heal heart, liver, stomach, mouth, and throat sicknesses.
April- Diamond- Heal illnesses
May- Emerald- Brings wisdom, growth, and patience. Also associated with youth, rebirth and fertility.
June- Moonstone- Spiritual understanding, health and longevity. Also believed by some to make a person invisible. *Pearl is the typical June stone, but there wasn't any particular attribution for it*
July- Ruby- Protection against evil and possessing its own magical powers to detect when the wearer is in danger (grows darker to warn of danger and returns to normal when danger has passed)
August- Peridot- Used to connect with nature
September- Blue Sapphire- Protection against envy and poisoning. Thought to bestow the wearer with wisdom and clarity. When ground into a powder thought to cure colic,rheumatism and mental illness, and to strengthen eyesight.
October- Opal- Ward off evil and nightmares. Protect eyesight and contains healing properties. 
November- Topaz- Strengthens one's ability to give and receive love. Also a symbol of friendship.
December- Blue Topaz- Soothe bad tempers. Thought to make the wearer invisible in threatening situations, cure insanity, asthma, and insomnia. And believed to have cooling properties.

There is probably very little truth to any of this, but sometimes it is nice to believe in a little magic.

Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 Cheap #EBook #Reading

A friend of mine who just got a #Kindle asked me for a list of my books and books of my writer friends or books I would recommend. I thought I would share this with everyone and perhaps make it a semi-regular segment. All the books are $2.99 or less and are by independent authors.

Who knows, you might find your new favorite author!

Liz Schulte (Mystery and Urban Fantasy)-

Dark Corners- Ella Reynolds knew from the first moment she walked into the old house someone or something was watching her. Waiting. Her husband's violent murder sent her spiraling into a world of grief and isolation, but Ella isn't alone. Who or what is responsible for her husband's death is still with her. Darkness has engulfed the past year of Ella's life. Everyday reality slips a little more between her fingers as she struggles to break free from her memories. She must look deeper into her past as well as the present to discover truth of her husband's homicide. A string of uncanny events takes place and practical explanations run thin as Ella follows the terrifying road to closure. As the past and present come to a head, Ella must decipher who or what the murderer is before it takes her as well.

Secrets- (Book 1- Guardian Trilogy) While Olivia Martin observed life through her camera, the abyss gazed back at her. She discovers mysterious men follow her around, people close to her are dying, and her dreams are no longer her own as she falls head over heels for a perfect stranger. A chance encounter leads to an obsession that could destroy everything she has ever known or loved. Olivia is about to find out there is a lot she doesn't know and sometimes what you don't know can kill you.

Elizabeth Sharp (YA Urban Fantasy)-

Natural Selection- What do you do when you find out your family isn't your family, death is knocking at your door, and that guy you can't stop thinking about knows more about who you are than you do?
Amelia Hoffman was just a normal 15 year old until she found out the truth. Now ancient myths, supernatural beings, and murder have changed everything. Tests and school dances are no longer the biggest worry in her life-- she has to figure out how to save everyone she loves and accept the future in front of her before it’s too late.

Second Nature- Amelia Hoffman always knew she would be with Nathaniel Peplow forever, but after they bonded everything started to go wrong. Nate treats her like the enemy, her siblings are in danger, and an old threat grows closer. As Nate pulls away and Amelia’s burgeoning friendship with a handsome stranger blossoms, she worries she made the biggest mistake of her life. If sorting out her love life wasn’t enough, a new drug emerges that not only threatens the ones she loves, but seems to be part of something larger than she could ever imagine. Amelia’s new and old friends must work together to not only save themselves, but the whole world.

C.G Powell (Paranormal Romance/Science Fiction)

Spell Checked- Broken relationships were a constant in Mae’s life, causing her to swear off men forever. Unwittingly lured to Ireland, Mae finds herself knee-deep in a hidden world she never knew existed and head over heels for the very man that tricked her to coming there. His deception is complicated by his own feelings for the one person that holds the key to merging the ancient races that once ruled the ancient word.
Mae finds herself in an underground world of witches, and vampires, which are half-breeds of aliens long gone. She learns about her own unique parentage and powers, which she must study in order to control, before they consume her.
Beck and Helen’s love for one another spans across a millennium, her human soul reincarnated to match Beck’s own immortality. This time however the body she occupies is of a being that cannot be eclipsed by her return. After waiting two hundred years, Beck finds himself tormented by Helen’s inability to return and his growing love for her new host.
Some of the underworld creatures welcome her with open arms as a savior, while others seek to destroy the abomination they believe her to be. Will the knowledge of her existence cause a race war when the true power of her blood is discovered? Or will love become her ultimate downfall?

Stephanie Nelson (Paranormal Romance)

Craved- Gwen Sparks just wants to live a peaceful life in the supernatural town of Flora, but from the moment she read about the first murdered witch, all hope of peace was abandoned. Possessing the rare ability to read the memories of dead, she volunteers to help catch the culprit behind the string of drained witches. Gwen has to team up with the one man who broke her heart, deal with a ghost who pulls her into the deathly realm at will, and a fight off the advances of sexy but frustrating vampire who not only craves what runs through her veins—he wants her heart.

Deceived- The vampire drug, brew, nearly ruined Gwen Sparks’ life. Just when things started to get back to normal between her and Aiden, she is summoned by the North American Witches Council to their central city of Moon. A war is imminent between vampires and witches, and Gwen’s experiences with brew are being used to fuel the fire. She is about to discover just how powerful she is with the help of the ruggedly handsome Angel of Death and just how far some people will go to get what they want. Gwen is going to learn exactly what it means to be Deceived.

Olivia Hardin (Paranormal Romance)

Witch Way Bends- Devan Stowe has only one thing on her mind when she teams up with Kent Crosby and his gang—putting an end to her father’s child trafficking business. Her determination takes her on a journey to discover her true strength and the… one man she was destined to love. In his arms, she’ll learn the meaning of trust, honor, and courage. Devan will unlock an amazing gift that will free her from her past and open up a future full of magic, faeries and more things than she ever imagined possible.

Nicole Chase (YA Paranormal Romance)

Mortal Obligation- Ree will face the darkest form of betrayal before the year is out.

Seventeen year old Ree McKenna has three goals: get through high school, convince her crush she is more than his best friend’s little sister, and save money for college. Fate, though, has other plans for her. After the untimely death of her older brother, Ree is haunted by dreadful nightmares and terrifying visions. To make matters worse, Ree has started to suspect that something dangerous is stalking her from the shadows.

A night full of frightening surprises leaves Ree with unsettling news. Gifted by the gods with unusual powers, she must devote herself to a battle that could very well lead to not only her death, but the demise of everyone she knows and loves. After all, Ree is the only mortal standing between the Earth and utter darkness.

Set in Savannah, Ga, Mortal Obligation is the first book of The Dark Betrayal Trilogy.

Mortal Defiance- One short week turned Ree McKenna’s life upside down. Not only does she have the weight of the world on her shoulders, but she still has to juggle homework, a job, and a curfew. While Ree tries to find her footing amidst the chaos, the Dark Ones and their champion are busy hunting down any humans that have a touch of the gods running through their veins. Allies have turned into foes, and enemies have become stronger.

The world is growing darker, but the passion between Ree and two irresistible guys blazes hotter. Romantic ties from a past life will threaten to break Ree away from the love of her life and will cloud her judgment. In order to follow her heart, Ree will break rules put in place by the gods, risking her life and the lives of her friends in an act of Mortal Defiance.

Mortal Defiance is book two of the Dark Betrayal Trilogy.

J.A. Titus (Drama)
Kindness of Strangers
- What happens when a child’s innocence & trust gets taken away by someone they love? After years of abuse, Sydney Venery finally escapes. With no one else offering to help around her, she accepts the assistance from a kind stranger by the name of Irene. After a frightening attack it is another stranger that comes to her rescue; Ian, who charges in to save her like a knight in shining armor. With the help of Ian & Irene, Sydney slowly begins the healing process & moves forward with her life; raising her child, attending school & accepting that what has happened to her isn’t her fault. Learning to love & trust again isn’t easy, but it is with The Kindness of Strangers that she learns to get by.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Deceived by Stephanie Nelson

Book 2 of the Gwen Sparks series has been released and it is a doozy! If you like a little steamy PNR do yourself a favor and read both of these fantastic books. Stephanie was nice enough to stop by today with a little excerpt for you.

 Blurb: Gwen’s life has been a downward spiral since she discovered vampires crave witches blood. She’s summoned to Moon, the town of witches, where she learns that a war is brewing and she’s the secret weapon. Paired with the Angel of Death, it becomes quickly evident that she’s more powerful than she ever realized. But this reaper isn't the robe wearing, scythe carrying kind – he’s a ruggedly handsome handful that has his eye on Gwen. As if that isn’t enough, she’s still tormented by Ian Desperaux’s constant intrusion into her thoughts and dreams. As Gwen struggles to balance her responsibility to the witches’ council and her secret relationship with her vampire boyfriend, Aiden, she’ll soon discover exactly what it means to be Deceived.

He regarded me with a look I’d seen a few other times, an expression I tried to ignore, but at the moment, I couldn’t look away from. I was a woman who noticed attractive men, but I would never act on those feelings. I loved Aiden as sure as the night is long. But Dorian stirred something deep inside of me, and we connected on a level I hadn’t with Aiden. It wasn’t easy to ignore something that profound, especially when it was staring at me like I was the sexiest girl in the world.

Dorian took a step forward. His arms hung limp, but I could tell he was nervous about what was happening between us. The tightness in his jaw and triceps betrayed the cool confidence he was trying to portray. An inch of icy air separated us. I lifted my eyes to his, and we stared at each other. No words were needed; our body language spoke for us. Dorian brought his arm up and with the back of his hand caressed the side of my face with more gentleness than I imagined. My eyes closed against the feel of it. A shuffle of feet enticed my eyes open just in time to see Dorian bending forward and toward my eager lips.

You can stalk Stephanie on Facebook, and have access to updates on her upcoming books!

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