Friday, December 19, 2008

Man Pain

What is is about angsty guys that that is so completely hot? Take a cup of angst add, it to about 4 cups of repressed pain and guilt, and sprinkle some good intentioned pride over the top and you have a man that is irresistible to all women. The problem is that the 80's petition for sensitive men made them into whiners. Apparently we should have been more specific. We want you to have feelings and emotions so you can repress them and be angsty.

Top five angsty men of 2008:
1. Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale)- Super hot. Besides for that stupid Rachel girl who wouldn't want to have the caped crusader by her side kicking people's asses left and right.

2. Edward Cullens (Robert Pattinson)- No I am not a Twilight girl but I did read the books and well let's face it that is one angsty vampire kid...or old man in a kid's body, but you know that just sounds dirty so I am going with kid. Anywho... he is all full of hot brooding and pain, got to love it. In fact the girls love it so much thousands of teenagers have been stricken with mental illness revolving around wanting that poor man to bite them.

3. Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles)- He is the epitome of angst mixed with oh so much hotness. He can be a smart ass one second and the next he is near tears because he feels so much. His brother has some angst too but there can be only one Winchester on this list and Dean has it in the bag.

4. Jack Bauer (Keiffer Sutherland)- So he only had one little 24 special on this year, but it was enough. It was full of self-hatred and pain, but his good intentions and honorable nature always winning out in the end.

5. Patrick Jane (Simon Baker)- Ok so this one is the best at putting on a lot bravado to hide his inner pain, but we have caught a glimpse of it on a couple episodes. It is no wonder the Mentalist is such a hit when they have perfectly placed angst.

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