Saturday, October 19, 2013

Just because I am scared of fish, doesn’t mean I can’t snorkel

We all have something in life we are scared of doing—some of us have many things. I am personally afraid of a lot. I am scared of stupid stuff like spiders, Jack Nicholson, and fish touching me, but then I am also scared of intangible things: loss and failure. I have learned something, though.

Fear is a poison.  It will hold you back in everything you want to do. Fear will prevent you from living.
This weekend I flew to the DC area because I have an interview on a small local cable show to talk about my newest mystery, the Ninth Floor. Doing this interview scares the crap out of me. When I think about it my stomach hurts, my temperature rises, and I want to pass out. I tell myself, and anyone who asks, things  like “I am not a public speaker”, “I am going to make an ass out of myself and end up at Youtube sensation”,  and “I should call, better yet email, and tell them I can’t make it.”

On the plane I thought about my life and how I got to this position where I have published nine books, am supporting myself with my writing alone, done numerous radio interviews, and now my first TV appearance. The answer was simple. I got here because I did things that scare me. I may whine, I may complain, I may drag my feet, but damn it I do it.

It is scary to tell people you are writing a book. It is scary to meet other writers. It is scary to let someone read your writing—and not just the first time, it is scary every time. It is scary to send your manuscript to a critique partner. Sending your book to the editor will feel about as pleasant as waiting for news back from a doctor after they had to run tests. When it comes the time to publish your book it isn’t scary, it is terrifying…and it is every single time you do it.

However, if you don’t do it, you will never know what you could accomplish. If you never sit down and write those first words—bad or good— you will never know how far you can go. Fear will tell you that you aren’t good enough. You will never be as good as whatever author you are comparing yourself to.  But fear isn’t always so straight forward either. It will also be sneaky. Fear will supply excuses for not finishing your work. It will make you quit once you have started. It will tell you that you are a perfectionist and allow you to keep going over and over the same material, but it will never let you move forward. Fear will keep you from finishing a project by distracting you with another one. It will allow you to not write, make you want to do anything else but write—even clean. Fear is that soothing voice that calls you to corner and wraps you in a warm blank, promising to protect you from the big bad world who wants nothing more than to laugh at you when you fail.

What fear will never do is make you successful. Success comes with risks. Success comes with putting yourself out for the world despite the fact that you are afraid. So what if you embarrass yourself? So what if someone hates your book? How does any of that hurt you? Embarrassment will fade and for every person that hates your book there will be ten others who love it. For every excuse you give yourself why you can’t do something, there are countless other reason why you can do it. For every mistake you make, you will learn how to do it better the next time because for successful people there is always a next time. You aren’t alone in feeling like this. We all feel this way, but the people who do the best are the ones who realize, these things don’t matter.

I believe this applies to all areas in life. Not just to writers. The things that scare you the most, that move you outside of your comfort zone and challenge you are the ones that are most worth doing. Living is comprised of the moments you defy fear and try. Don’t be afraid to live. You will stumble, you will fall down, but every time you stand back up the fear gets quieter and you move a little closer to realizing your dreams. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

20 Things About Liz Schulte #meetREB #rebelwriters

What is REB? Why thank you for asking. It is Romantic Edge Books. It is a conglomerate of nine authors who have built friendships on their mutual love of writing and reading in the romance genre.
Who are the authors? You came to the right place. Learn all about us in each of our 20 things post.  Check out mine below, then follow the link below for the posts by Melissa Lummis ~ Olivia Hardin ~ C.G. Powell ~ Stephanie Nelson ~ Lola James ~ Mandie Stevens ~ Amanda Latzel~ Tawdra Kandle.
 20 Things About Me!

Liz has double jointed thumbs (not as useful as it sounds, but I would make a hell of a hitchhiker).
Liz can quote nearly every line of Christmas Vacation and Tango and Cash (impressive, I know).
Liz has terrible, terrible handwriting.
Liz is a hopeless LOTR fan (and believes everyone should know what that stands for).
Liz thinks Mr. Rochester could kick Mr. Darcy’s ass, but she also thinks Heathcliff would take them both out like a ninja. 
Liz and Lola James

Liz’s first books crush was Damon Salvatore from Vampire Diaries (stupid Stefan).
Liz was also an avid fan of (and this is slightly embarrassing) The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins.
Liz didn’t know she wanted to be a writer until after she wrote her first book. She thought she wanted to be a lawyer, silly Liz.
If Liz were stranded on a desert island she would take Michael Fassbender and mojitos. She may not survive, but she is okay with that.

Liz is crafty…more like Martha Stewart than the Beastie Boys.
Liz used to be funny…it went away.
Liz watches the Godfather far too often and talks about it like they are real people.
Liz has one solitary paranormal experience and it is kind of weird.
Liz likes wine and vodka, but not together (sicko).
Liz thinks Hannibal Lecter is the best villain ever written.
Liz went to see New Kids On the Block, Boys to Men, and 98 Degrees…this year *hides face* with Amanda Latzel.
Liz and Amanda

Liz hates public speaking. She talks too fast and laughs a lot when she is nervous.

Liz thinks the meaning of life is cheese.
Liz thinks DiGiorno tastes nothing like delivery.
When Liz grows up she is going to marry Batman.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pickup Styx

It's here!

Book three of my Easy Bake Coven series has been released!

*insert celebratory cheering and happy dances's okay we'll wait for you*

Selene and Cheney are almost to happily ever after. Just one small promise stands in their way. The spirits make a request Selene can’t refuse without forfeiting her soul, but to fulfill their desire, she will have to sacrifice her life. Traveling to a world beyond the reach of the living, Selene has to dig deep within herself to find a way back home. 
The kingdom trembles on the edge of political upheaval and fae of all shapes and sizes are being murdered. The further Cheney digs into these mysterious deaths, the more skeletons he unearths from his family’s past. Sometimes, the truth can kill you. 
In a race against the clock, Selene and Cheney stumble through an emotional and physical journey to make it back to one another. Will they find a way back to one another or are not all love stories meant to have a happily ever after?

Where can you get it? Well so far on Amazon or Smashwords. Barnes and Noble and iBooks are on their way. 

Now Holden calls to me. Back to working on Ember: Book 1 of the Jinn Trilogy. 
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