Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Normally I am anti-Christmas holidays, convention of anykind... but this year I am taking a new approach to the "season". Here is my list of the best five things about the holiday season.

1. Gaudiness- This is the only time of year you can seriously dec out your house and yourself in every hideously sparkly, bright, glittery objects you can lay you little hands on. There is no such thing as too much, because the more over board you are the more Christmas spirit others will think you have. Any other time of year you risk people mistaking you for a drag queen.

2. People make cookies...lots of cookies and offer to give them to you for free. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that!

3. Holiday tv. Whether we are talking about 24 hours of A Christmas Story or A Very Supernatural Christmas, I like the holiday tv specials because I can always find something to watch on tv.

4. Yelling "Santa!!!!!! I know him" as you walk past the Santa display in the mall at the top of your lungs.

5. Christmas Parties. They provide blackmail material for years to come.

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