Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who hops besides for bunnies?


What is your most referred to website for your writing?

Definitely Google. I google everything, even things I don't write about. Basically if I have any fleeting thought it goes into google.

How to join,

Copy and paste these rules to your blog (they’re a little different than mine and designed to help your blog)

The rules
1) Follow this blog.
2) Follow Elizabeth Sharp, the host of this hop
3) Follow the featured author of the week.
4) Go to Sharp words and copy the image code found there and paste it in your blog. Add your name to the link at the bottom of the post while you are there.
5) Copy and paste the rules in your blog, as well as this week’s question.
6) Answer the question
7) Follow, follow, follow. This is about networking, people, making connections with people in your community. So talk to us. We don't bite! This post serves as a perfect place for you to say hello!
8) If someone stops by, says hi and follows you, the polite thing to do is follow back.
9) Comment here and introduce yourself and you just might find a new follower or two.


Larissa said...

Thanks for the follow, I am only to happy to return the favor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blogs. I am a follower.

Julee J. Adams said...

You know, for some reason I prefer bing to Google. Don't know why, but both are awesome. Danger is that they can become real time sucks. Best of luck on your new venture and you're welcome to stop on by my blog please, where I discuss editing down a monster mss. Take care and have a great week!

Scott Niven said...

Hi there! Just discovered your blog while reading a different blog altogether. I've added myself as a follower. Didn't do the steps to add these rules to my blog yet, but plan to at some point in the future! :)

Julius Cicero said...

Google works for me. Although I love utilizing what historical reference books I still maintain.

1001 Secrets of Successful Writers said...

Yes, Google has taken over my life. Oh well. Better than the tele. I also use and wiki for preliminary research.

Stay well and keep writing!


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