Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How much can I write in a week?

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. My competative streak totally kicked in and occupied all of my free time. I have joined in with some of my lovely writer friends in a 7000 words in one week challenge. Well needless to say whenever the word challenge or competition is used my brain goes into win mode. Ahahaha I know it isn't that kind of competition yet I still feel the race to the finishline feeling so I wrote upwards of 5000 words yesterday. My new goal now is 26,000 words by May 5th. Those 26k should knock out the first draft of the Guardian Trilogy. The first books SECRETS will be published this fall and I would like the have the second ready to go for an early 2012 release followed by the third in the spring.

So that is what is going on with me. I believe I owe you two songs from my 30 Day Song Challenge.

Day 19- A song from your favorite album. I chose If You Have To Ask by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from my absolute favorite complete album BloodSugarSexMagik.

Day 20- A song you listen to when you are angry- I Hate Everyone by Get Set Go

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Jennifer Starks said...

That's great, Liz. I'm happy for you. I think I'm down with your idea of giving me the rest of Secrets to read as a reward for finishing my FastDraft. I'm getting so close to starting now. It's exciting as hell.

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