Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tag Lines

Ok, I have seen the first draft of my cover. The fantastic writing group and friends have given me lots of good suggestions that I have passed along, so very soon I will post a cover for your opinion. Today, however, I am concerned with tag lines.

Do I want one? Do I need one?

I don't know. I have some tag line thoughts, but am not completely sold on needing one. Here is what I have come up with. I would love your feedback.

"You're never alone when something lurks in the dark."

"What lurks in the dark?"

"Watching from the shadows a darkness lurks."

"You're never alone."

I am not sold on any of these tag lines either. I need thoughts and opinions.

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Anonymous said...

I think the basic principle of 'if you are not sure if you need one then do without.'

Personally I don't completely understand the need for a Tag Line myself. I would rather people remember my name as an would-be author or the name of my book rather than a mere tag line.

I guess if you think you need one just make sure you know 'why' its needed. Good luck!

M.E. Summer said...

I personally think taglines are great for highlighting the internal struggle of the protagonist. For example, the tagline I've been playing around with for my novel about a girl con artist is When you can be anybody, how do you know who you are? The taglines you listed above are all good, but they could be applied to several novels. My suggestion is make it a question and make it as unique to your story/protagonist as possible.

Jennifer said...

I like taglines and I think tagline number one sounds the best its chilling and kind of creepy which of course is what I love!

Julius Cicero said...

How about something as sinister as H.P. Lovecraft's moods. How about "Avoid the lurking darkness"?

C.G. Powell said...

If you don't love it don't use it....The book is your brain child don't mold it in someone elses image!

Larissa said...

Hmm... I like this one "You're never alone when something lurks in the dark."

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