Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dream State

This is not a post I plan on sharing the link with my various social networks so if you are reading it thank you for coming back on your own. I am not sharing this post because more than likely I will turn it into a book or perhaps it will be a piece of a future book, I can't really say because I simply do not know.

I don't know many of you well so I will start this with I have very vivid and often memorable dreams. I don't believe in dream interpretation but I do think it is fun to see what things mean, however I am firmly in the camp of random neuron firings. I haven't googled any interpretations for this one though I might before the end of the day because this is the first dream I had that I wasn't in. Weird.

The problem with this dream is it  was in the middle of the night and woke me up. My first thought was this would make an excellent book I have to remember, but I didn’t want to get up to write it down. So the rest of the night I didn’t sleep well because I could feel it slipping away. However this is what I remember in this one either I was not in it or I was a little kid. It is hard to say.

There was this murder though I can no longer remember who was killed and this really cool apartment. I remember mostly about the little kid. She is playing in her room on her bed and hears something, I think she thought she was alone. So she goes into the bathroom to check where the noise came from and a window is open the shower curtain billowing out, a small doll clutched in her hand. She is rigid with fear, but starts to back into her bedroom and the door opens. This old man comes in and she is scared but knows he is the police commissioner. Then her mom is there and a bunch of cops milling around. Keanu Reeves is one of them (can't say I am disappointed about that!). He is sent with the little girl to go on a walk. The little girl points out you can see into the apartment and for some reason this makes him know who the killer is (again something I understood right when I woke up). They go back inside and he is trying to get the mom out too, but the commissioner catches them and pulls a gun. The little kid runs out into another room filled with cops trying to get help but none of them will help they are all involved. She goes into the kitchen finds a younger uniform cop and tell him. He doesn’t seem to be with them but there is only one of him he will get killed. He starts going to help and she is standing in the kitchen unsure what to do. I woke up thinking she needs to run out and alert all of her neighbors if she gets a big enough group there they can’t kill them all.

That's all. Have you had any memorable dreams?


Kim said...

I think the weirder my dreams are, the easier they are for me to remember. I usually forget them as soon as I wake up. But the really strange ones usually stick with me and then I have to email them to you.

C.G. Powell said...

If you can still remember it when you wake-up...Then it was meant to be part of something bigger than our minds random thoughs when we allow our brains to rest. I get many of my ideas from dreams.

Jennifer said...

I think it was meant to be a book or something for you to remember it in such detail. New follower I found you from another blog.

Chrysoula Tzavelas said...

All my life. Keeping writing materials beside my bed has honed my ability to remember my dreams and when I manage to grab at paper every morning (harder with a small child) I've discovered many of my dreams are worththe effort.

I do definitely believe in dream interpretation but I don't think it's something learned from any book or prophetic or anything-- just a way of understanding yourself better. I have repeated motifs in my dreams: a new house, a forgotten pet who always doing just fine, my teeth falling out. One trick I've learned for understanding the theme of a dream is to pay attention to my word voice when I start writing it down-- and when you're writing a dream while you're still half asleep youtend not to worry about the right words!

Anyhow, a lot of my favorite story seeds have come from dreams. Oddly, my finished manuscripts are all non-dream derived. I guess I want to save them until I have a setting worthy of some of the most polished jewels of my imagination.

Sometimes I wake up with echoes of dialog far more witty than what i write awake ringing in my ears. Apparently my subconscious is a much smarter and imaginative storyteller than I am. I do think a LOT of dreams are stories assembled from semi-random firings and man, my sleeping brain spins them well.

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