Thursday, February 12, 2009

Zombie's Gone Wild

Zombie's Gone Wild is being released this week. Now I know most of you are thinking why should I care about an insignificant movie that was not released nationwide about spring break zombies who are as the title implies wild. That is a very good question and my answer is... Well la-de-da Mr/Ms.Too Good for Zombie Spring Break Movies. What are you going to do when one year you are on spring break and find yourself surrounded by Bartlett Pear trees, which coincidentally smell like swamp ass so will therefore cover the smell of the decaying flesh of the zombies who are about to attack you in your vacation splendor. These cheese hating zombies will chase you around relentlessly until you are forced to turn to the know-it-all person you loathe the most, Pipi. Pipi will have of course seen the movie (therefore he will have the proper tools to defend himself for the Zombie's Gone Wild Attack) and will laugh at you for your foolishness. Pipi being the mean SOB that he is will refuse to help you. There you will be alone on vacation with wild zombies. Now don't you wish you too had watched this "destined to be a classic" movie. GO ahead take a moment and think about it.


Lisa Rayns said...

Love this, Liz! You've convinced me!

Aslam Cailko said...

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