Thursday, February 19, 2009

Things that are made of awesome this week

My friend Kim and I had an amazing idea yesterday that is completely made of awesome then rolled in awesome and sprinkled with awesome dust. Now because of its unique nature I am not yet prepared to tell you about it, but wait for it. In honor of that though I give a list of other things that are made of awesome this week.

-Animal crackers are made of awesome because they are crackers that taste like cookies. They are an acceptable breakfast food (shut up they are in my world). It is fun to tear them limb from limb.

-Gummy bears are made of awesome. They once again have the tearing limb from limb quality, but you can also stretch them, bite little holes in them, etc. They also come in vitamin form so not only are they highly entertaining but they can be good for you are well. Also there is the added benefit of finding the freak gummy bear that is a Siamese twin (if you were to save them you could start a gummy bear carnival, the possibilities are endless)

-My uncle Bob is made of awesome. I don't have to prove it he just is, so there.

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