Tuesday, February 24, 2009


-I visit my blog, this blog, and am annoyed that it isn't updated, then I remember that I am the one who had to do the updating then I start to feel tired.
-I write bad poetry (because good poetry and I do not get along) and inflict it on my friends. Normally this happens only around their birthdays but any day holds the possibility that they will have to humor my whims. Here is an example or two:
Untitled poem one:
It's your birthday
Well good for you
Here's what to do...
Follow my instructions today

Shout hooray!
Avoid the color blue.
Tie only one shoe
and don't forget to say

Liz is awesome....
Wait that didn't rhyme?!?!?!
What in the hell do you expect from me.
Shut up.

Untitled poem two:
Devin and Kristin
Happy birthday to you.
I hope you get a better present than a mitten
perhaps a trip to the zoo
Now is not the time to be a kitten
though a sexy cat would do.
I am not sure what I have written
besides happy birthday to you.

-There is nothing quite like Missouri weather to keep your sinus's in a constant state of throbbing and stabbing pain. It is amazing we are all not curled in a fetal position with blood coming out of our eyes. If you need me I will be under my desk hiding from the light.

-At some point in your life you meet too many people to remember all of their birthdays, but I find it is a good rule of thumb to send out one mass bcc email to everyone you know saying Who's the birthday person this week. ;-). Notice the winking face makes people think you know it is their birthday and are being cute or if it is not their birthday it makes them think that they have forgotten yours so you get complements and free shit.

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