Wednesday, February 11, 2009

13 Things Seeing Friday the 13th can do for you...

1. It can cure back pain
2. Unclog arteries
3. Make you want to watch hockey more
4. Make you want to go camping
5. Make you more open minded to other people's problems
6. Shows you the improper use of tools and hunting equipment
7. Teaches valuable life lessons about the woes of being a whore
8. Gives you that gentle reminder when you are running from someone looking back over your shoulder only slows you down letting them catch up.
9. It has been known to clear up cases of colds, flu, influenza, chronic coughing, scurvy, and shingles
10. Demonstrates proper and improper hide and go seek methods
11. Highlights the dangers of children being unsupervised around water sources
12. Has been approved by the FDA as nutritional substance
13. Studies have found it will increase awareness, digestion, memory, and cognitive skills.

warning: This blog may contain lies... lots and lots of lies.

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