Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday.

I had one of those wonderful lazy weekends. It was chalk full of Arrested Development and Friday the 13th movies. I can now safely say
-I am ready for the Arrested Development movie to come out and I am tired of waiting for it. Stop licking my hand you horse's ass.
- The new Friday the 13th is definitely better than the old ones. When I started having A.D overload I would turn on some of my favorite Ft13ths. I watched part 4 and 7 they pale in comparison. Yay new Jason.
- I watched some of the Oscars it was pretty good this year. Hugh Jackman was an excellent host. Any show that has a montage to musicals is golden to me.
- Doing laundry sucks.
-Buffalo chicken pizza is pretty tasty, but not quite made of awesome.
- After a cat rides around under the hood of a car for a couple hours it is exceptionally needy.

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