Monday, February 9, 2009


Ack! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I know I know it is always the excuses with me. You're smart, I'm dumb. I'm a loser, you're awesome. You complete me and are my life.... am I forgiven yet? Well that is about all the grovelling I have in me so I better be. Ok here is a recap of what you have missed.

T.V, yoga, Friday the 13th, Pinky and the Brain, nieces and nephews, The Uninvited, OMG, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries tv series !?!?!?!, Chris Brown beat up Rhianna WTF, Untitled Book 2, agents, freaking out, celebrating, HOMG, almost cartwheels, evil cheese wheels attacking leaving cheese smudges on my shirts, liar liar pants on fire, backstabbing, cussing, stupid slutbagho being dismissed, snarky comments, sadness, funeral, family, awkward moments, and gravity.


In other news. 5 moe days until the movie event of 2009. There is about a 20% chance I will be disappointed, but that leaves an 80% chance my head will explode from the awesomeness that is Friday the 13th. HOMG the new Jason looked freaking amazing.

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