Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I have had some CRAZY ASS dreams of late that were just completely off the cuff. I will not go into any real details because I still have some pride, albeit not as much as I used to have. Mostly they have left me wondering what is going on in my head and why have all my screws suddenly came loose.
Here are my theories as to why I have crazy dreams one of in which in Spanish (which I do not speak).
-I tried brussel spouts for the first time this weekend...and I liked them
-Alcohol has finally killed the last of my brain cells protecting me from my subconscious.
-My love for messing with other people's minds has finally turned on me like the robots in Terminator.
-Someone is pointing their magnifying glass on me in this great ant farm that is called life.
-I have been too normal these past couple weeks and the crazy has to find a way out. Basically I have sprung a leak.

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