Monday, February 16, 2009

My weekend aka Friday the 13th glory

Well as you may have guessed I did nothing this weekend. Yep didn't see the movie I have been obsessing about for two months. I chose to play jenga with the Parkers' instead... yep that is exactly what happened.
Sucker. No for real I saw the movie two times and will probably go a third time this week. It was everything I had hoped for. I throw back to the classic 80's monster movie. It was wonderfully snarky. It took itself just serious enough to keep it from being a spoof, but at the same time it had no problem soliciting a laugh at its own expense.
The new Jason is freaking awesome! He is more human and less zombie then he has been in 30 years. There was a whole new energy brought to the role which was topped off nicely by plenty of gratuitous violence and sex.
13 victims lent a nice symmetry to the story and no two were the same. From my view point as a big fan of the entire genre I would say it was it met all of my inflated expectations. Jason kicked Valentine's day ass.

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