Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Marketing Monster

Marketing an event is hard. The fact that you could host an event and no one shows up is a scary prospect. All that time and effort and money down the drain. Having that big fat “F” for failure written across your face. Intense stuff.

Marketing myself… well that is impossible. Yet I am trying to forge these waters and find a way to reach out to strangers. I don’t know the “never talk to strangers” bit really resonated with me as a kid and it is hard to branch out. Sometimes it is really easy, the writers group. Other times it makes me feel shy, which I am not at all.

So far this week I have finally participated in Kindleboards (thank you everyone for your help. Yes, I am a rock star now with two groupies). I have joined yet another book club for writers and readers call Between These Lines, it looks like it will be fun and a great way to meet people. I have struck up numerous conversations with strangers on Twitter. And the scariest one of all I have joined my local Writers Guild. Yikes! These are real people I will have to look at their faces and interact with in person. People I will likely run into while I am out shopping with bad hair and no makeup because I just needed to run to the store to pick something up quickly.

Yet this is all part of the process. If I am ever going to successfully market my book I have to WANT people to read it. The idea of strangers judging my hard work has to roll right off of me. I am thickening my skin little by little each day. I will not give into the fear. That is why I have decided to publish under my real name. Originally I was going to use a pseudonym so I could keep the writing part of my life separate from my real life. But, honestly, it is my real life too. I will publish under my name and someday I might even share my blog with my real Facebook friends. Baby steps.

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Elizabeth Sharp said...

I'm going to call our library today and *eep* ask about doing a book reading there... And I gotta call Borders and ask about the local writer's group that meets there. This is scary. And I still am not doing well with Twitter. It's too much and i can't keep up.

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Yeah, you will have to let me know how the reading goes, I am not quite willing to do that. Let's see how I survive my first Writers Guild critique Sunday first. I am pleased with twitter I already have 120 followers and my blog is getting so many more hits.

V.K. Tremain said...

I hear you Liz! And I like that you're using your real name. I just had this conversation recently with my hubby, if people judge me, then they weren't that good of friends before. But mainly I think it's freeing to get it out there! This is a big part of my life, and it's who I am! I love that you're doing it too! Now let all go burn our bras! j/k lol

Pamela Mason said...

Like I said before, you hope they don't recognize you after reading the steamy lovescene you wrote! My mother keeps saying, You're not using the family name,are you? I told her, nope, using yours.
LOL! Well I thought it was funny.
You are MacheteWoman. You go before and hack out a path for the rest of us.
And for this we are forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I think marketing is the scariest part for a lot of people, including myself.
Congratulations on getting yourself out there, I'm hoping I can start making some big changes too, but you are right about the baby steps!
Keep it up!

Anthony Hodgson said...

The thing that holds me back constantly is the fear of rejection. Always been the same since I was a kid. Is writing then the beat option for me? Probably not but I have a passion for it that ive tried too quell for too many years. I want to do this so badly that I will take the scratches and the swipes from those who reject me.

Good luck mate I really hope you succeed

SJHanson said...

The idea of marketing is scary for me too. I would imagine it's the scary part for most writers. I am trying to get myself out there, but I find it kind of terrifying :)

Nichole Chase said...

I hear you Liz! It is a pretty scary, intense process. I talk to my husband about it daily. There are so many people out there, so many opinions. And Twitter- I feel more than a little lost, but I try everyday anyways. You have inspired me to search for a local writers group. Although, the thought is terrifying. I need to do it!

I think that your book was great, and I really think you are going to do well! I can't wait to see the final version, with a super awesome cover with your name on it!

C.G. Powell said...

Marketing is the part that scares me too. I will have to get help when that time comes. Good luck and keep spreading that network, soon you will be famous and your books will market themselves!!!

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