Friday, March 25, 2011

Rolling Writers

I just joined a writer blog hop, so welcome newbies and tried and true alike. This seems like fun, if I can ever figure it out as the technically challenged. Here are the rules to join:

1) (Required) You must follow my blog and Some Sharp Words

2) (Required) You must follow the guest poster featured in the blog hop post.

3) You must add you name to the link bar.

4) You must copy these rules, the hop link and the featured question with your answer on your own blog. This blog serves as a place for new followers to say hi.

5) Follow, follow, follow. This is about networking, people, making connections with people in your community. So talk to us. We don't bite!

6) If someone stops by, says hi and follows you, the polite thing to do is follow back.

7) Comment here and introduce yourself and you just might find a new follower or two.

Ok so I think, may be wrong but I think, this week I am supposed to answer the question and next week it will be someone else.
What inspired you to start writing?

There isn't one incident that made me say oh I should be a writer. I began writing short stories in junior high and always enjoyed writing. But I stopped writing them in high school and college. After college I had so many story ideas floating around in my head I decided I should put them to paper and viola, here I am.
This is the blog hop for the writing community. Every Friday writers who blog come together and hop! Leave your name and URL of the FF post and we'll come visit you too.

10 comments: said...

By jove, I think you've got it!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

It only took an hour! hahaha

Anonymous said...

:D Hey There!

Elizabeth Sharp said...


Tishia Mackey said...

Hi, I'm a new follower - found you through the writer's hop! I'm not a writer though - just a book blogger :) Have a great weekend!

Khloë Kamalis said...

WhOoT! I think we both got it lol. Write ON!! <3

Belinda said...

Hey Liz! This was such a good idea of Elizabeth's. I love being able to connect with other writers. Hope you've got a fun weekend plan!

V.K. Tremain said...

I agree, this was a great idea!! Loved meeting all of you fantastic, beautiful people and can't wait to meet more! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from the hop. This is a great idea! I meet book bloggers all the time, but not so many writers.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and stop by when you get the chance.

Gabrielle Bisset

Kristi's Book Nook said...

Hi great blog. I am following you I hope you will follow my network at The Neophyte Writer

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