Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Friday Story

Okay, so Random Friday Story isn't really one of my blog days. Normally on Friday I do my weekend reading, but I have no weekend reading this week. I have nieces that I have to help get to soccer and editing and writing coming out of my ears, so instead you get a random story about my life. If you guys like this segment, it may come around, but if I am over sharing about me, that's fine too.

Last night I was babysitting for my three nephews. They are unruly like most boys are, and they all talk to me at once, increasingly getting louder so their story can be heard over the other ones. I expected the older two to get on the Wii and ignore me and the youngest child until their parents came home, but that wasn't how it worked out. First, we all bowled with the Fisher Price bowling set. Then one decided it was more fun to run through the pins then to bowl thereby making the other two angry which in turn made everyone scream. Then we settled down and watched Backyardigans and Tom and Jerry, but as soon as the movie was on everyone was hungry. We took the big group trip up to the kitchen to scavenge for food. The youngest wanted apples and blueberries, so sweet. The older two wanted ice cream. I was scooping out their bowls of ice cream when I notice the middle child standing next to his chair.
"Caden, what are you doing?"
"Smashing an M&M."
"What?!?! Stop it! Why would you do that?"
"Because it's chocolately."
"Well stop, pick it up."
*waves hand in air dismissively* "The dogs will get it."
Needless to say he did pick up the M&M and we carried on. I sit down at the table with my ice cream and the youngest tells me now he wants ice cream too. So I get him a bowl, now all three want a drink so I get that too. I sit back down, my tasty red velvet ice cream half melted and begin eating. The youngest looks at me,
"Thank you for getting us ice cream, Aunt Liz."
And Aunt Liz is officially a softy.


Book Lover said...

aww it's amazing how those little words smooth everything over. Love it!

Lisa Rayns said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Too cute; :) Kids always know how to make your heart swell. My kids have me wrapped around their little fingers, and I haven't figured out how to unwind myself.

Julius Cicero said...

Children are amazing creatures. They make you realize why certain animals eat their young while at the same time melting you with how cute and innocent they can be. That's the daily routine with my three. I wouldn't trade them for the world. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Jennifer said...

hahahaha kids they sure know how to make you feel like the bad guy!

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