Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend Reading: Craved by Stephanie Nelson

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I will not actually be doing any reading this weekend but I will share with you a new book I read this past weekend by a good friend of mine, Stephanie Nelson. Her book Craved is a story completely immersed in its own supernatural world that exists within our world, though not completely unknown to humans just segregated. In the supernatural town of Flora there lives a witch and our main character Gwen Sparks. Gwen finds herself quickly thrust into all kinds of problems from her good intentions of helping the police discover who has been draining witches. There are several delicious characters and it is a fun, entertaining read.

When Gwen Sparks reads the headline she knows just who to call, Detective Micah Reynolds, her wolfy ex. She'll have to use her rare power for reading the memories of the dead if she hopes to lead the police to the culprit. If it were only that easy... Gwen soon learns that witches blood is what the vampires call brew and it's the hot new drug amongst the vampires. In her search for justice Gwen is being haunted by an unsettled spirit that pulls her into the ghostly realm and a sexy but frustrating vampire who wishes to claim more than her blood, he's after her heart.

You can pick up Craved for .99 on Amazon!

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