Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time is of the essence

Okay so this post isn't about writing, reading, music, or anything scary. I know, I know I'm feeling fine I swear. I have been been trying to get back into my workout routine which slips through my fingers as I became busy with publishing and editing and working 40 hour weeks and my family, etc. Time just seems to slip away from me. I was doing yoga and running nearly everyday before I let the excuses and guilt about the time I was wasting take over. But no longer. I will start doing it again. It is no longer 9000 degrees outside, the wonderful smell of fall is nearly in the air, there is no reason not to make the time to exercise, right?
So I started my morning off right with a green monster (if you don't know what a green monster is check out this site, I highly recommend them. They are an addition. http://greenmonstermovement.com/). I will get back into my strictly organic food and exercise. I will! I will aim for the December Jingle Bell 5k again, though it was so freaking cold last year. No more excuses... well maybe a few more, but I will try not to let them slow me down. 


Angela Carlie said...

It's odd that I came across this blog today because I rarely log onto blogger, and I've committed to this very same thing. I started the C25K program and hope to run in the Jingle Bell 5K on December 4th! How awesome is that? I always let my writing get in the way of exercising, but I must stay diligent and get it all done.

Good luck!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

C25K is an awesome program. I also really love my Nike plus. Good luck to you too!

Jennifer said...

Good Luck! I always say next week is the week I start to include exercise into at least 3 days of the week but alas.......I never do.

web design company said...

Well said my fren...Life is too short too !! Time is very fast ! U said exactly time is of the essence absolutely.

Simran said...

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