Saturday, September 3, 2011

Short Story Collection

Still at #DragonCon, but today's blog is about short stories. I haven't written many. I have one coming out in an anthology, Dream On, this fall. And I am about to submit to another anthology that if selected will come out in October, but that is all that I have written. However, while writing my latest short I had an idea. What if I wrote a series of short stories that built on each other like a television show? They would all be stand alone stories but as you read them it would like watching the next episode on television. They wouldn't be published separately (because I sort of think that is a rip off) I would compile a collection of them into a book (like a season on dvd). Anyway that is the idea I am kicking around right now. I wonder if there would be any interest.

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Jordan Butcher said...

I really like that idea Liz! And so jealous you're at Dragoncon! :)

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