Thursday, September 1, 2011

Supernatural Thursday: Dragon Con

Today I am leaving for #DragonCon and it is the first stop on my blog tour, (stop by and sign up to win!).

I signed up to do the DragonCon writing seminars with a friend of mine a few months back when we were trying to plan some sort of fun writing trip we could do. I have been so so excited about this. I mean there are authors I like, television shows I watch, celebrities I like, and writing. I mean all awesome things I love. What is there not to be excited about? Here is a rundown of the seminars,

 Writing Seminar Program for Michael A. Stackpole and Aaron Allston:
Seminar 1: The Rules of Writing 
Seminar 2: Tools of the Trade
Seminar 3: Writing Careers in the Post-Paper Era 
Seminar 4: Providing the Experience
Seminar 5: Characterization
Seminar 6: 21 Days to a Novel
Seminar 7: Style and Mood
Seminar 8: Writing a Successful Series
Seminar 9: Ruining Your Career Before It Gets Started
Seminar 10: Twenty-One Ways to Kill Your Novel
Seminar 11: Plotting
Seminar 12: Plot Analysis
Seminar 13: Edit to perfection 
Seminar 14: Showing Off Your Manuscript 

Like I said exciting and fun for a nerdy writer like me. So yesterday I start talking to my friend about what I am going to wear. We start looking at the pictures of people attending Dragon Con and hoo-boy! I can tell you now it doesn't matter what I wear (I'm talking casual normal everyday clothes people because I don't really do the costume thing) I am going to stick out if I am not dressed like Princess Leia. Suddenly I am a little nervous, but I am taking my camera and I promise pictures and fun tales when I return.

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