Monday, September 5, 2011

Music Monday- Scary Music

Fall is in the air, even if it is 900 degrees outside. We had our first football game over the weekend, school is back in session, and I just saw a ton of crazy costumed people all weekend. Makes me remember October is right around the corner and my favorite holiday, Halloween (candy, horror movies, and no forced family time what is not to love). So in honor of my fall type mood you get the list of my top five scariest songs.

5. Nightmare on my Street- DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Okay so not a good start. Not scary at all but the part where Freddy talks could totally startled someone.

4. Paint It Black- The Rolling Stones- This song just makes me think of serial killers. I love it.

3. Theme from the Shining- This just makes me picture Jack Nicholson. Enough said.

2. Theme from Psycho- I love how startling the eek eek eek part is.

1. Theme from Halloween- BEST horror movie music of all time.

What song scares you? And don't forget to stop by day three on the blog tour of doom!


Jennifer said...

Love It! I can not wait to get my Halloween decorations out.

Deana said...

Great picks! I love fall, Halloween and all that goes with it. It is rainy and cold here in KY today so this music is perfect for my mood:)

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