Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall in the House of Liz

I know technically it isn't fall yet and given how crazy our weather has been this year it could just as likely be 102 on Monday, but it has pretty much been in the sixties all week for me and I am loving it. Sixties and rainy gives the air that certain bite and smell that makes me think fall. It's my favorite season and it always leaves too soon, so maybe I am as bad as those people who rush Christmas with rushing fall. I decided to do a list (you know how I love them).

The Best Things About Fall:
1. Halloween- What is more fun than dressing up, seeing others dressing up, eating candy, and watching scary movies? Nothing is the correct answer

 2. Apples. I love going to the orchards and getting apples. Fresh, homemade apple pie is the only kind of apple pie I like. 

3. Carving pumpkins. I love the smell, the gooey mess, and the creativity. 

4. Going to haunted houses- This was taken people we went to go on a haunted hayride where we got to shoot zombies with paintball guns. Yep, we were practicing our mean zombie faces just in case we had to hide among the natives.

5. College football- Mizzou may not always be good, but they are my team for better or worse, and I will be watching the game. 

6. My birthday- Enough said

7. Zombieland premieres on October 16th. What, what!

8. The sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet. 

9. Leaves changing

10. Getting to wear all of your new and old fall clothes. Hello boots.

Well I must get back writing, I have a busy day of soccer and football ahead of me.



V.K. Tremain said...

I agree with EVERYTHING!!!! Love fall....very exciting time of year.

Jennifer said...

I could not agree more. It is my most favorite season. I have been dying to put up my halloween decorations!

Red Tash said...

Gosh, Liz, we have so much in common!

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