Saturday, September 24, 2011

Halloween decorations

Well, four blisters from the hot glue gun later I have all my Halloween decorations up and photographed. Now all I have left is to write the article about how I did the decorations and how they compare with what the magazine said. I will link to it when that is up, but for now I have pictures. Woohoo!

The front porch

 I used a pie rack, leaves and some gourds to make a kitchen decoration.
This has my favorite decoration in it. It is the hand-craved witch I bought when I visited the Black Forest in Germany. Beneath I made a cauldron of poisoned apples. Muahahaahha
 On top of the piano I have my spider pumpkin tea light holders I made. 

 The Poe display might be my favorite one this year. 


Book Lover said...

Lovin' the Poe! You did such a great job. I want to decorate now.

Nora B. Peevy said...

I love the Poe and the spider tealight holders best.

I blogged about how to make books into Halloween decorations recently.

Your Halloween motif for your blog is delightful! Love it!


Lisa Rayns said...


Jennifer said...

I Love It. My son told me I had to wait until this weekend....he thought it was way too early for Halloween decorations. I can not wait to get mine out! Thanks for sharing....your house looks lovely.

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