Monday, August 29, 2011

Music Monday

Last night was the VMA's. I didn't watch for a variety of reasons, but mostly I just am over all music award shows. It seems like every year the celebrities involved are trying to top the crazy antics of the years before and the talent is getting lost along the way. However, this morning I heard the DJs talking about Adele's performance last night on the VMA so I went to check it out. It is a simply stunning performance with soul and heart and passion and talent that is sadly lacking in most performers. In a time of laser shows and back up dancers and distracting costumes she got out on stage just her and a piano and nailed it. Simply beautiful.


Jennifer said...

When you have a voice like that you don't have to distract people with flashiness and weird antics. I LOVE her.

Jordan Butcher said...

Oh I love Adele! And every single time you see her sing that song, she's about to just cry. You can tell how much it means to her. I didn't care for her 19 CD much but I cannot get enough of 21. That was probably my favorite thing from last night's show. That and I thought it was adorable how Beyonce told everyone she was pregnant. There was just pure joy on her face. I stayed up to see the Hunger Games premiere but ended up YouTube-ing it this morning because I fell asleep. Ha!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I agree, Adele is fantastic. She give me goosebumps and the emotion in her songs is practically tactile.

Deana said...

She is one of a kind for sure! I love her and thanks for posting this because I didn't see the VMA's either:)

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