Thursday, August 11, 2011

Supernatural Thursday: Hot Vampires

Fright Night is right around the corner, so in honor of that I am talking hot vampires.  I may have done it in the past, but nevertheless I am doing it again. Who doesn’t like to talk about hot, fictional vampires . . . fascists that’s who. Also I get to make another list, and I really like to make lists. I think I will go with a top five list *drums fingers in front of me like Mr. Burns*.

Top five fictional vampire hotties:

  • Louis de Pointe du Lac- Ah, Interview with a Vampire, book or movie, this is just good entertainment. Louis is perhaps a bit whiny for my tastes, generally speaking, but Brad Pitt sold him as a hottie to me. He has remorse, he has angst, and he has quite a temper therefore Louis is the poster boy for angsty vampire hotties everywhere.
  • Dracula- The age old Achilles heel to good girls everywhere, the mysterious, lonely, broken man who wants nothing more than your blood. Seriously ladies, why do we fall for this again? Since 1897 this character has fascinated women. Countless movies, books, and dreams have laid at his feet. He was the first, the best, and the standard. 
  • Thomas Raith- My fellow Dresden fans will appreciate this, but to the rest of you I will explain. Thomas is the son of the leader of the White Court of vampires in the Dresden Files series. White court vampires are distinguished from the other courts in that they feed from emotions, preferably during sex. It doesn't hurt that Thomas is awesome, sort of sweet, and completely hot. So, yeah, he gets to be on the list.
  • Damon Salvatore- My first love. Damon was the first vampire to ever catch my fancy way back when I read the Vampire Diaries. He started a life long fascination with the bad boys in books and movies. He doesn't make apologies for who or what he is, but like any anti-hero he is good underneath and it does come shining through every now and again. Not that that really mattered. I loved him from the moment he sauntered onto the page. Stefan who?
  • Bones- I thought about not including him. I know, I know he's Bones and this is a hot vampire list, why wouldn't I include him. The thing is there are tons of hot vampires in fiction like this. How can I choose only one. Well I guess the answer to that is he's the best of the best. He has a sense of humor, he's British, he's got some mad skills, and he's all types of naughty. Bones definitely get to be on the list.
Those are mine. Who did I forget? Who is your favorite?


Elizabeth Sharp said...

I'm gonna have to go with Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse books/True Blood. I don't usually go for blondes, but something about this hot viking vamp gets me in a place you don't wanna hear about!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Damn, I forgot about Eric. He is hot. Hmm but he sort of falls into the Bones category so I stand by my original selections, though he is a good one.

Unknown said...

Lestat in Queen of the Damned is pretty sexy and i totally agree with Elizabeth about Eric Northman!

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