Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

Saturdays here in Bat Country are to update you on my writing progress. I am working on editing my second book, Secrets, which will be released November 22nd. I am currently on chapter 17 and am about half way through. I just made it past a rather emotional part so I am happy to have that done.

This week I worked on the forming an idea for the book trailer to Secrets. I passed it along to the wonderful M.d. Christie because she did just a fantastic job with Dark Corners' trailer. I can't wait to see how this one comes out. I love it that I can give her this crazy image I have in my head and she makes it ten times better. If only everything in life were that easy!

I also have been working with Elizabeth Sharp on three covers for books that will be released in 2012. They look absolutely amazing. I can't wait for everyone to see them. So perfect, but I have at least three books coming out before I get to them so I have to shelve them for a while. Regardless they are fantastic.

I mailed out about ten books to book bloggers this week thanks to the wonderful Mandie Stevens who is organizing a big blog tour for Dark Corners in the month of September. She is part of Time 4 Mommy blog and online magazine, if you haven't checked it out you definitely should! It is a wonderful resource for moms
(online coupons, book recommendations, movies appropriate for the family, etc.). Mandie has been a Godsend. I am crazy excited about the blog tour with her. 

Dark Corners has gotten a couple new fantastic reviews this week. I am so happy people are enjoying the book. You can never be sure if people will like what you put out so the fact I have gotten a largely positive response makes me want to hug strangers walking down the street. I will try to refrain though. :-) 

I guess that has pretty much been my week. What are you working on? How was your week?


Oh, p.s. I have also added at the very bottom of the blog a way for people to subscribe by email. It is a pretty cool feel free to sign up and never miss a moment of my insane ramblings. 

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