Thursday, August 4, 2011

Supernatural Thursday

I love scary movies, it isn't a secret. My friend, Jessica, and I go to see most of the horror films released in the theater so I like to stay on top of what is coming out. For August is looks like there are three scary movies. 

1. Final Destination 5 - Release Date August 12th
Synopsis from IMDB- Teen survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse soon begin to fear that there's no way you can cheat Death.

Verdict: Will not be seeing it. I watched and liked the first movie, but I didn't even watch the other ones. Sometimes Hollywood should just let a good thing be a good thing and not beat it into the ground. (See Saw)

2. Fright Night- Release Date August 19th

Synopsis from IMDB-Teenager Charley Brewster (Yelchin) guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige (Farrell) is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent (Tennant), the opportunistic host of his favorite TV show, to help him take down Jerry and his guardian.

Verdict: Hell yeah. I remember the old one fondly but recently rewatched it and there is definitely room for improvement. Here's what the new version has going for it. 1. Exponentially hotter vampire. Colin Ferrell vs. Chris Sarandon = no comparison. 2. Evil is played by McLovin'. Enough said. 3. The effects HAVE to be better. 4. Charley Brewster's girl friend does look like a boy. 5. Peter Vincent is played by Dr. Who.  

3. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark- Release Date August 26th

Synopsis on IMDB-A young girl (Madison) sent to live with her father (Pearce) and his new girlfriend (Holmes) discovers creatures in her new home who want to claim her as one of their own. 

Verdict- When I heard a scary movie with Katie Holmes was coming out, I was like "Pfft, lame". Then I saw Guillermo Del Toro was the director, and I became more interested. Then I watched the creepy ass preview and I have been sold. It looks like solid horror film which aren't easy to come by these days. This movie is highly anticipated for me.

What movies are you looking forward to this month? 


Jennifer said...

The original Don't be Afraid of the Dark scared the crap out of my sister. We used to torture her by whispering Sally. She would cry we would laugh....ahhhh good times. Anyway I saw the preview and it looks really good. LOVED the original Fright Night. I will probably see the remake I just really hate remakes but that seems to be all anything is anymore. Love Love Love your Supernatural thursday posts!

Elizabeth Sharp said...

The preview for Don't be Afraid of the Dark Actually made me jump. :D That doesn't happen often...

Jess said...

Yes!!! We Will be seeing #2 & 3!

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

@Jennifer, I haven't see the original. Checking Netflix now!

@Sharp It is a super creepy preview. Also the new scary movie with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz looks super creepy too, but doesn't come out in August.

@Jess, We really haven't changed since preschool. :-)

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