Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zombies Don't Glitter

Today I was going to give you an except from Secrets, however, I didn't get to editing it. I began re-watching season 2 of Veronica Mars and lost track of time. A total failure on my part, but the break was nice. So instead of sharing with you my writing I will share with you some writing news. I have decided to work with my bff, Kim, in a collaboration project that will be of epic proportions. A zombie children's book. *please try to hold applause until the end of the statement*

Epic is the only to describe this. I am currently mulling over the storyline. She is working on sketches for possible characters and soon Herbert the zombie boy will be brought to life, or as it may be reanimated. This book may never reach wide audiences, it might be banned from schools, probably won't get that little gold star embossed on the cover that other children's books get, but, by God, it will have zombies awesomeness. 


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha! I CANNOT WAIT!!! Is't Veronica Mars AWESOME!!! LOVE IT! Another show like Jericho that should have never been cancelled! (my whole family is hooked)

I Love Herbert the Zombie Boy, and you will win a gold embossed sticker; even if it's made by me! :)

Nichole Chase said...

This is awesomeness! LOL. I love it. You should release it before Halloween. I bet it would do wonderfully. I buy holiday books for my daughter, and she loves Halloween books.

Let me know when you get it done, I would love to do something on my blog for it.

Jennifer said...

Love it! Zombies rule.

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