Friday, July 15, 2011

Weekend Reading: Elizabeth Aston, Mr. Darcy's Daughters

Fridays here in Bat Country are about the books keeping me up way past my bedtime.

You know those books that are just so good you forget all about the world around you until your contacts are foggy, and you have to be up for work in three hours, but you only have a few chapters left. Yeah, those books.

I will tell you now I am a rereader. If I love a book, I will read it repeatedly. Best example of this is Jane Austen. I love her books, all of them. I never tire of them. I just want more. So, naturally, Jane Austen sequels are genre I am constantly trying out if I see one on the shelves in a book store. I have gotten quite a few lemons this way, but it is so worth it when you find a good one. An author who can pull you back into the world Ms. Austen created, but not mess up the characters you love. Honestly, as a writer it's a genre I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole, so I have massive respect for those who do it well.

Elizabeth Aston is one of those writers who does it extremely well. She has taken the Pride and Prejudice world and fast-forwarded a bit. Mr. Darcy and Lizzie are married and have several grown daughters who are trying to navigate their way through the London season. Mr. Darcy and Lizzie are mostly mentioned in passing, but it allows them to have that happily ever after we all want for them. The story isn't without plenty of mishap, misunderstandings, and nasty rumors, but it is a fun ride with characters who are reminiscent of the Bennett girls. Mr. Darcy's Daughters is a great introduction into Ms. Aston's version of Ms. Austen's world. It is a fun, quick read that will leave you wanting more--and don't worry she has a whole series of delightful escapades.   

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