Thursday, July 21, 2011

Supernatural Thursday: Walking Dead

Zombie mania.
I am not sure how it started, where it started, or why it started but I like love it! The funny thing is though I have never been a zombie movie fan. Don’t get me wrong I watched them—I watch all scary movies—but they were always pretty low on movie bad guy totem pole. Some were done well, but most are more painful than having your arm ripped off and feasted on by the decaying masses.  I wonder if this isn’t part of a vampire retaliation since most modern day vampire movies have turned the alluring, dangerous villains who preyed on humans into pale, emo men who are misunderstood (or maybe that only bothers me). 

Zombies began to change in my mind with Shaun of the Dead. After that movie I saw the great potential in zombies for humor. Then along came Zombieland and it was like my life was complete. I now have a remote control zombie on my desk, who is often the inspiration for many short stories for my friends entertainment. However, in accepting funny zombies I seem to have also accepted serious zombies and the real purpose of my blog post. 

Walking Dead. It might have been one of the best shows on television last year. Even though when it was announced in the height of my own zombie craze, I still had reservations.  I thought, what on earth could a zombie tv show have to offer?  Boy did they ever show me.   The show looks more like a movie than a television show, effects/makeup were outstanding, but what really sealed the deal was the terrific characters. The premise itself is somewhat cliché. Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) wakes up from coma to find everyone is either dead or a flesh eating maniac. Naturally, he goes in search of his family.  But this is where it departs from your typical zombie anything. Instead of the main focus being on the zombies and survival, it falls onto the characters. They deal with the very real emotions of what it would be like to wake up in a world that is completely changed when you are still the same person. Abusers are still abusers, cheaters are still cheaters, and assholes are still assholes. The zombies are a constant threat and heighten the emotional responses to problems we see in everyday life.  The cast is phenomenal and the gore is plentiful—obviously I love it!

Walking Dead season two will start this October, and I will be glued to my television.

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Jennifer said...

I love the walking dead. And no its not just you.....about the vampire thing.

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