Monday, July 25, 2011

Modern Love

I finished up some edits this weekend for Ms. Elizabeth Sharp, whose wonderful YA novel is coming out August 16th. I am about to start on my second to last edit on Secrets (I promise to share a snippet from it this week) . The deadline is September 5th to send it to my editor, so it will become my life these next couple weeks. I love the two main characters Olivia and Holden. Picking Secrets back up is like talking with an old friend, which is why I stayed up well past one chatting with them, but it was totally worth the sleepiness of today.

While I was editing I was listening to the cd that has become my summer anthem, Modern Love by Matt Nathanson. As my long time readers are aware I may not be the most objective person about Matt Nathanson. Either everything he has ever done has been amazing musical genius or seeing him in concert at the Beale Street Musical festival a couple years ago morphed me into a fan girl. Hard to say really. On one hand he is an amazing live performer (point one for musical genius), but on the other hand I did name my remote control zombie after him (point one fan girl).

Anyway Modern Love is a little faster and at times a little more sultry than his previous fantastic album, Some Mad Hope. But it is still essentially all the things his fans love about him. It's fun, it's emotional, it's heart-breaking, and it's hopeful. The song Run is fantastic, Modern Love and Faster make you want to crank up the radio in your car, and Quick Kiss will definitely be an inspiration for a future character. It is definitely an album that is worth checking out, but for my writer friends as far as editing goes it may have been a distracting choice since it was too good to just be background noise.   

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Pam Asberry said...

I do not know this artist. I will definitely check it out! :-)

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