Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas in TV land (top five holiday episodes)

I may be weird (that is probable), I might be the only one (doubtful), but I absolutely love holiday episodes of TV shows. I don’t care what the holiday is, I love episodes that allow for my favorite characters to get into the season of things. I am a sucker for a heart-warming or side-splitting hour (or half hour) of seasonal fun in the fictional worlds I love so much.

Tonight, there are two episodes on. First, Eureka (I am so bummed Eureka was cancelled). Eureka already has one of my favorite holidays episodes (more on that to come) so I am anxious to see if Sheriff Carter and the gaggle of accident prone geniuses can top the last holiday snafu. The second show I will be watching is Haven. I love Haven and the quirky town that is troubled. I can’t wait for their take on Christmas though I am curious how they will work around the cliffhanger we were left on at the end of the summer season.  (Warehouse 13 also has a holiday episode tonight, but I haven’t watched that show yet, however it is in my Netflix queue). 

In honor of tonight’s TV excitement and the merriment of the season I bring you my…
Top Five Holiday Episodes

1.       A Very Supernatural Christmas, Supernatural- This was a season three treat that just so happens to be my favorite Supernatural episode ever (and that is saying something). If you have seen the show, Supernatural, you know it isn’t really a Christmas celebrating type show. The brothers Winchester have dark, sad lives that don’t really have time for holidays. But this Christmas episode is pure creative genius! Not only is it everything I love about the show (sick, twisted, bloody, funny, and dramatic), but it also give so much background on Sam and Dean’s life that they become even more likable and heart breaking. People are being taken from their homes and up through the chimney by a man dressed in a red suit.  It is up to Sam and Dean to figure out what MotW (monster of the week) is killing people while swimming through their own emotional baggage. (This is Dean’s last Christmas so he wants to celebrate and Sam doesn’t, completely illustrating the characters’ differences in personality even as kids)

2.       O’ Little Town, Eureka- This season four Christmas episode is such a sweet episode. It starts with Sheriff Carter coming in out of the snow into the café and telling a group of doubting children about the real Santa Claus. It goes back to an unseasonable warm Christmas where Carter is stuck in Eureka and not happy about it. Taggert has some weird Santa machine that can shrink thins small enough to make them all fit into Santa’s sack. Well of course it backfires and the town is shrinking (hence the warm). This funny, charming episode continues until in one of the most delightful hours of television. 

3.       The One With the Holiday Armadillo, Friends- Oh my gosh, I don’t even think I need to recap this one everyone has probably seen it. Ross is trying to teach Ben about Hanukkah and ends up trying to get a Santa costume, but cannot find one so close to Christmas so he rents an armadillo costume and dubs it the “Holiday Armadillo” to tell Ben all about Hanukkah. During his story Chandler show up in a Santa costume and Joey in a Superman costume and thus a classic episode is born.

4.       Afternoon Delight, Arrested Development- This is another of my favorite shows ever. This episode centers about the Bluth corporate Christmas party were Michael and Maebe sing the most awkward  and uncomfortable (uncle/niece) duet ever, Afternoon Delight by Starland Vocal Band. I laughed until I had tears. And of course the rest of the brilliantly funny cast. So funny. 

5.       The Strike, Seinfeld- Ha! Festivus. Enough said. 

Do you like holiday episodes as much as me? Did I miss your favorite holiday episode?


C.G. Powell said...

If you like Eureka you will love Warehouse 13...I love them both. It makes me sad that Eureka did not get picked up for another season :-(

Lisa Rayns said...

I love that Warehouse 13 is set in South Dakota. It's probably the only show that is! We're so left out, hehe.

Coleen Patrick said...

I love the one with the holiday armadillo, and I'm with you on holiday episodes in general. Festivus is a classic too :)

shannon esposito said...

Yeah, I second Warehouse 13...great show, can't wait for the Christmas episode tonight! My favorite movie is still the Grinch :-)

Anonymous said...

Holiday Armadillo FTW!

Anonymous said...

Loved that Supernatural episode. I dropped Eureka and Warehouse. I had too much on my plate. Sounds like I missed some good Christmas episodes. Festivus and the Armadillo are classic. Love them!

DMS said...

I also love the festivus episode for Seinfled- I just lol'd! : )

My favorite holiday episode of a show is the New Years Episode of MASH, where the whole show runs the length of one year, from one new years eve to the next ~ Jess

Anonymous said...

I think there might be an echo in here, but I love the Warehouse 13 holiday specials...and I miss the Monk Christmas episodes. Oh, Monk. I miss him in general!

Anything Supernatural is of course wonderful, but Seinfeld's Festivus is another all time great. I like the HIMYM Slapsgiving episodes too (but that's Thanksgiving).

FUN post! You know this is my cup of tea. :)

Nora B. Peevy said...

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