Thursday, April 9, 2009

Email addresses of shame

So it is no secret I like funny email addresses. I always have. When dad was sick and needed a liver transplant in a momentary stroke of genius I made him an email account named Ineedaliver... yes truly one of my more inspired names. Well with my own email address I use genehackmankickyourass. I have enjoyed this for a long time it always makes me smile, it especially makes me smile when my mom tries to give it to other people but tells them that it is genehackmankickMYass. hehehehe
Anyway not the point of this blog. I obviously do not give out my boring work email address to businesses because I know they will spam my account. I always give the other genehackman one. It doesn't bother me to write it on a piece of paper or a website but the other day I was in Barnes and Noble picking up a book and the girl checking me out first tried to talk me into the card. I said no then she asked if I would like to receive email coupons. I said sure expecting to fill something out, but no I had to say it out loud. I suddenly felt the need to justify my email address to this perfect stranger who I might add was laughing at it. I became one of those people that I hate. Those people who pounce on strangers and tell them their life story. I couldn't stop myself.The more rational, smarter voice in my head was telling me to shut up but the fear made me do it. I rambled on like a meth addict giving directions to a cop.
I leave you with a little Fear and Loathing because it seems appropriate "Hey honkies you want to buy some heroin?"

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My email address is:
- B.V.

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