Wednesday, April 15, 2009


It all started with an email conversation. Six people, who had very little in common besides for their mutual misfortune of attending the same small country high school in rural Missouri, made plans for a weekend getaway. Each one of them had lead their own life and had followed their own path since graduation. Occasionally it was mentioned how lucky they were to still be friends after so many years fluttered past them. They knew that their friendship had been forged on countless nights of giggling, prank phone calls, confessions, triumphs, failures, joy, heartache, and a complete understanding and acceptance of one another. Luck never entered into the picture.
It really all stemmed from an email that Sophie Mailman sent to her friends. If fault must be assigned it was hers for the taking. She instigated the conversation. Not purposefully, though she has been known to do such things in the past and will probably continue to do them in the future. Always being drawn towards the macabre Sophie shared with her oldest friends about her Halloween weekend adventure in an allegedly haunted house. Not that it matters now, but she could not have known where that email would have lead. The strange and terrifying path their lives would then begin to follow. Weaving them forever in the fabric of time and space.

Where are my manners? I have failed to properly introduce myself. My name is Nigel Wilde and I have a tale to tell you about six friends; six friends whose lives took a strange and unexpected turn over the course of an weekend. Enough about me though, who I am is of little importance in this tale. Who they are, however, holds the key to why fate and destiny took the wheel leading them down a dark and twisted road of nightmares and truth. Some still remain on the twisted road to no where battling their demons while others have moved on. I assured you three clicks of your heals will not carry you away from this Oz.

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