Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Afternoon Earthlings


It has been a while. Not much to say. I have been writing and editing like crazy which seems to suck the funny and will to ramble out of me. Good for my friends and family bad for the blog. Here are my stray observations.
- With the success of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (still waiting for my copy!) will they remake all of the classics with zombies? My vote is for YES! Here are the reasons why 1. You can never have too many zombie resources call it good planning. 2. Zombies really do fit into any situation. You can never go wrong with a well placed zombie thirsting for brains. 3. While they are pretty low on the horror movie totem pole (think pawns on a chess board) they are unequivocally hilarious and socially relevant. (Please like you have never been that drunk person reminding other people of Night of the Living Dead I am not a fool fancy pants.)
My top three books in which I think adding zombies would be made of awesome are: Tale of Two Cities...what is the French revolution with out zombie forces tearing apart royals. Besides Dickens is MADE for zombies. Anna Karenina, who could resist adding zombies to a pinnacle of realist fiction. That is made of win, besides Russian zombies... I get goose bumps just thinking about it. For Whom the Bell Tolls I mostly think this because it reminds me of my Resident Evil V video game with all the zombies running around saying muerto. I am who I am, shut up.

- I am sad Dorothy aka Bea Arthur passed away. Oh noes! Goodbye you Golden Girl you. Thank you for being a friend.

- A couple days before my Memphis road trip. Wish me luck, hopefully the rain isn't too much. I am sure it will be a strange and wonderful journey into bat country with my friends.

- I am still on my too much tv watching kick. Thanks to my Roku player I started watching this BBC show Ballykissangel about a cute, quirky Irish town. I was totally into it until it ripped out my heart and stomped it into the ground then ran over it 8 times then a dog came and peed on it at the end of the third season. Thanks for that... really. If any of my other shows have bad ending I am giving up tv altogether for at least 3 years.

Well look at that apparently my ability to incoherently ramble is still intact. *win*

Peace out


Unknown said...

YOU, my crazy old friend, are indeed made of "win".

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

As are you my friend... as are you. :-)

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