Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter thoughts

I was sitting in the cry room at church on Sunday trying to listen to what the priest was saying over ever increasingly annoying children, but only managed to hear bits and pieces. I do not go to church regularly but slightly more frequent than a C & E person. When I am there however I want to come out having learned something I didn't know before. That isn't too hard since I was born and raised a Catholic so obviously I cannot quote you scripture nor can I relay with any accuracy most of the stories in the Bible. I figure that if I am making the effort to drag my sinning self into church and not get struck by a bolt of lightning the least they can do is teach me something.

Well Sunday I missed most of what was said because of some little kid with a big bow in her hair who kept screaming "No" at her parents in a way that only a child who has never been disciplined does. From what I heard the priest was talking about the resurrection of Christ. The priest asked what did the apostles think when they found that Jesus had risen? I have to wonder was I the only person in attendance that thought "Holy shit zombies, church is finally getting good."

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