Monday, March 16, 2009

What Dreams May Come

I have weird dreams. It is true. They are not just like "huh, that's strange" sort of dreams. They are detailed and long dreams in which many incredibly odd things happen. They are the type of dreams I tell people about and then the room gets quiet and either the people laugh and tell me I am sick or there is an extremely uncomfortable awkward silence in which I know the person is mapping out the closest exits.
These dreams come in two varieties. The first and most frequent variety is that of the horror genre. Someone is normally chasing me and there is plenty of violence and gore to go around. On a whole these do not bother me too much. I have grown accustomed to them over the years. Now the second and more rare type of dream is the philosophical type. The time in which I am having a deep and meaningful conversation about something. Last night I had a dream I was discussing the inter workings of Hamlet with David Cook (this would be like the 3 non horror movie inspired dream he has been in). Now you may be wondering does Liz like David Cook a lot. Not really. I do not dislike him, in all fairness I have never met him. He is fine. I am sure he is a lovely person. Does he know anything about Hamlet? My dream does not bode well for him but hey so long as he is making the guest appearance I will give him they benefit of a doubt.

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