Monday, October 6, 2014

Costumes, Family Friendly Halloween Movies, and Behind the Book: The Ninth Floor

So yeah, the 31 Days of Halloween are still going on; however, weekends are dicey. I'm probably not going to write a blog post on Saturday or Sunday. However, that is okay. It just means that Mondays will be all the cooler because they will consist of three days of goodness. Let's do this!

Day 4: Costumes
Someone miscounted (it was me) and this was a throw back Thursday post (on a Saturday) with my old Halloween costumes pictures. :-)

The Evil Queen

My favorite kind of costume, random crap


The year I was a member of Josie and Pussy Cats

Not a costume but I carve pumpkins with my friends every year

Okay, so this isn't actually makeup, but it is still fun!

Day 5: The Top Five Family Friendly Halloween Movies according to me

Yay, a list. I love lists. Stop judging me. 
1. Hocus Pocus (like there was even a doubt)
2. Beetlejuice (Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetljuice)
3, The Addams Family (I will never get tired of this movie)
4. Ghostbusters (Who you gonna call?)
5. Casper (maybe it's my age, but I love this movie and I always will)

Day 6: Behind the book

I was smack dab in the middle of writing my fantasy/romance series (The Guardian Trilogy and Easy Bake Coven) and my mystery series (the Ella Reynolds series) when I went on a spa trip to Arkansas, but it was there I was inspired to write a new book: The Ninth Floor. 

Now whenever I go on a trip I always take the ghost tours and generally trip to range for allegedly haunted accommodations. It adds a nice layer of ghostliness to any trip. Anyway I was on the ghost tour which was fairly typical as far as ghost tours go, that is until they told us a story that caught my imagination. 

I have no idea about the validity of the story, but none of that really matters when you write fiction. The guide mentioned, pointing up a high to the tall hospital building looming over the small town, that there was one floor of the hospital that had been shut down due to an unusual death rate on the floor. Only it wasn't a patient death rate, it was the employees too. He claimed that the people who worked there weren't allowed to talk about it. or even mention any ghostly experiences they might have inside the facility. 

Obviously that leads to questions like if people weren't allowed to talk about it, how did he know. But alas, I didn't care. That idea that one floor of a building where life hangs in the balance day in and day out could be host to something dark and malicious set my mind soaring and from that prompt the Ninth Floor was born.  

Whew! All caught up. See you tomorrow for the top five supernatural creatures you haven't heard of. :-D



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