Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Haunted location

Okay this one also comes from my travels. This past spring I was in Savannah and Charleston, two of my favorite cities. While in Savannah I took the ghost tour for about the fourth time only this time I heard a new story. An exceptionally creepy story. It is about a house, 432 Abercorn. Basically, they told us about a strange and somewhat horrific history of this house.

How much is true, I don't know. But here is the story because it is fun.

-Benjamin Wilson: 1868 house was completed for Wilson (there is debate on whether he was a cotton merchant or some sort of military. Wilson moved in with wife and youngest child, who was 9 years old. Wife died of yellow fever and Wilson didn’t know how to handle a child. He decided to keep her inside where she was safe. One day he came home from work and caught her playing in the square with other children. He was furious, dragging her back by the ear while she was kicking and screaming. Inside the neighbors heard her yelling and crying. Several women went up to the door and knocked. Wilson told them in no uncertain terms his child was none of their business.
The next day they say the girl tied to a chair next to the window where she could see the park but not go. This went on for days. Until one day Wilson came home and the neighbors heard loud yelling and furniture being overturned. They thought maybe the child escaped. They started toward the house and he sticks his head out of the second floor window and tells them if they come any closer he will make them regret it. A few minutes later he jumps from the window with a noose around his neck and kills himself. The neighbors go inside and find the girl still tied to the chair, dead from dehydration.

1870- A cotton plantation own and his family move into the house. No one really talks about what happened there. He had three girls: 10,12, and 15. One night he attends a party with his wife. They come home to find the 10 year old beaten to death in the park, the 12 year old decapitated in the doorway, and the 15 year old hanging from a noose from the second story window.

1960’s- Family comes home to find three of four daughters killed (with their organs removed) and laid out in a triangle on the parlor room floor.  The fourth child is found hiding in a bedroom curled in a fetal position and struck mute.

1973- Purchased by Omi G. Walden for 75,000. Still owns to this day. Has never lived in or rented the house in any way. According to property records main three floors are uninhabitable, but top floor is. Owner claims to be doing renovations herself but neighbors say no renovations have ever been done.
Legend is (according to tour) her mother and sister were raped and murdered in the house and she came home to find them which is why she bought the house and set up a trust to care for it so no one else could be killed by the house.

-Dave the tour guide (date uncertain)- Took a group on a walking tour. Two women wanted to go up the steps and peek through the mail slot. He let them and when they looked through the screamed and ran away, but one tripped and broke her leg. They both swear they saw an angry old man running toward them.

-Women have reported feeling sick or getting headaches when walking in front of the house or near it. Many pictures claim to have caught paranormal phenomena outside of the house or faces in the window/plaster on the wall.

-Claims that 34 women have been brutally killed in the house. 


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