Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday

Writing and music goes hand in hand for me. I listen to music while I am writing (sometimes), while I am getting into my character's mindset so I can write, and while I am creating a character. I like to think of who my character's favorite band or singer is and what that says or demonstrates in their personality. With Dark Corners I didn't listen to a lot of music while I was writing, mostly just Phantom of the Opera to put me in the mood, but I do know what sort of music my cast of characters would gravitate towards.

Ella Reynolds is a classic rock sort of girl. Her favorite band is the Rolling Stones. The dramatic power ballads appeals to her all or nothing attitude and fast, unrelenting songs allow her to escape reality for a short while.

Detective Gabriel Troy's favorite singer is Frank Sinatra.The crooner appeals to his secret hopelessly romantic side. The smooth, dulcet also relaxes him from his highly stressful job.

Daniel Reynolds gravitated towards college rock--like Dave Matthews, Snow Patrol, and Coldplay. It was good back ground music for him while he worked on the computer or the house. He could listen and loose himself in the music and the monotony of the tasks. The music represented his mostly happy and content outlook on life that never challenged him to dig below the surface.

Susan's favorite genre of music is pop. She liked anything with an up tempo that made her body want to movie. Music was pure escapism for her and allowed her to dance out any tension she was feeling.

Grant favors classic and piano music. He liked the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere it inspired and reminds him of his childhood.

Those are my characters choices. What music defines you or your characters.


Jordan Butcher said...

Love this! Your selections are perfect alongside your characters!

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