Friday, October 28, 2011


Halloween is so close I can taste it...literally, I have candy wrappers all around me. So Halloween better hurry up before I become diabetic.
I can't wait to watch Halloween (78), dress up, and pass out...Halloween candy (there is no passing out for me, I have to work the next day. *shakes fist at growing old).

Now the question is, what to be for Halloween?

I could be inspired by the Strangers and go for something like this,

Or I could go with something more children friendly,

Or perhaps embraced my aging self,

Or channel my inner Saw,

Or I could scary everyone's pants off,

Which would you choose?


Jennifer said...

Ahhhhh not the clown!

Prudence MacLeod said...

I agree with Jennifer, not the clown, please.... aaaaahhhhhhh!

adult costumes said...

That jigsaw mask really looks cool. Thank you very much for sharing this.

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