Friday, September 18, 2009

Even the best laid plans...

So I am a fairly unabashed horror movie fan. I don't hide it, it isn't a secret... I simply love horror movies. It is a childhood thing. Some people watched Disney, I watched Nightmare on Elm Street.
My all time favorite horror movie is Halloween. Hands down the best one in my opinion: to be clear I am talking about the old John Carpenter movie not the Rob Zombie monstrosity of a movie. Anyway back on target, I had a friend of like mind growing up who watched all of these blood bath movies with me. Throughout the 25 years we have known each other that hasn't stopped we still go see these movies together.
Tonight was supposed to be Halloween 2 night. Yes I think Rob Zombie is a horrible director. Yes, I think he is single-handedly trying to ruin the best super villain of all time... but nevertheless I had every intention of see a movie I have exceedingly low expectations for two reasons. One, it is a scary movie and Two, it is Halloween! Imagine my surprise when I discover today that it is already out of theaters. What the what? Seriously. It has been out for what, two weeks. Was it that bad? I mean that exceeds even my expectation of horribleness. Now I am all geared up for a horror movie marathon sort of night and all I am left with is Sorority Row. I mean seriously people, Sorority Row. Ughhh

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