Monday, August 17, 2009

Yet Another Very Liz Encounter

I went to Taco Bell this weekend because I was running late for a show and needed to grab some lunch. I made my order and the elderly (like fifties) guy behind the counter was staring at my shirt (I hope) but didn't finish the order. Finally he looked at me and pointed towards me and asked
"Have you heard of Black Sabbath."
I wasn't entirely certain what to make of this since I was wearing my Arts and Science t-shirt but I am mostly a nice person so I said yes I had heard of them. Then he told me they were in Taco Bell earlier the same day. I wasn't sure what the appropriate response should have been to that to let him know that was neat and all but I had things to do and we needed to speed up this ordering process. I think I said something about oh they must be traveling between St. Louis and Kansas City. The man proceeded to tell me about when he used to live in Austen and work at a gas station where he met Alabama no fewer than three times.
How do these people find me and why cannot I not find a way to discourage the life story sharing?

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robster said...

ok that is funny haha, old people do that at my last job (because i got fired) there was this guy who had been working there for 25 years and he always talked about like when he was younger he used to race cars and stuff and im always like oh ok thats cool steve (trying to get away from him)

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